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BestStayz is on a mission to keep things simple for you, the homeowner. With less work on your end, you are able to gain more revenue
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Listing Creation & Distribution
Build successful listing based on our recommendations for search optimization for each channel. Any changes will be automatically synchronized on all channels. We eliminate the need to manually update this information saving you time and money.
Availability Syncing
View and find availability your property on all channels, without having to login to various platforms. Just configure the import and export of your iCal calendar. See the most current status of existing stays and future check-ins. View upcoming bookings on any booking channel all from one platform.
Dynamic Pricing
We automate pricing every day based on real-time demand driven analysis. To create unique rates that capture true demand, we look at everything impacting prices - hotel data, local comp sets on all channels, upcoming events.
Reservations Payment Processing
With BestStayz secure payment system, we directly deposit funds into your bank account. Failed Payments - No more having to chase credit cards or guests down for payments. No more holding rooms for guests who haven`t paid. No more dealing in cash at arrival. We only send you confirmed and paid for reservations and we handle all payment issues before the stay.
Powerfull Analytics Dashboard
A single dashboard gives you transparency over the health of your online distribution system and performance by channel. See which booking channels are delivering the most revenue for your property. Make it easy to analyze your bookings data, by viewing only the most relevant information.
Automated Messaging Service
Our support agents will respond to all messages from the guests. With our service you will no longer have any missed or unanswered messages. Response time can impact your position in search results, so trust it to us and focus on your own tasks.
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